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Torque limitation and overload protection are our speciality. We are particularly focussed on the protection of direct and indirect drives in demanding areas. In order to fulfil the special hygiene requirements of the food, pharmaceutical and medical technology industries, our design engineers have developed safety and shaft couplings specifically for these applications. Whether corrosion-protected or made of stainless steel in hygienic design, our drive technology defies wind and weather as well as water and acids. A broad product portfolio offers the right solution for almost every drive problem. Whether standard application or extreme use - ENEMAC machine technology for all cases, please contact us.
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Our product compass will help you to find the right safety or shaft coupling for your application. Relevant selection criteria facilitate the product search and enable you to make a specific enquiry via this page or serve as a preselection for a personal discussion with our customer service.
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Torque limiters

Mechanical overload protection to minimise costly repairs and machine downtime
ENEMAC safety couplings reliably minimise costly repairs and machine downtimes thanks to sophisticated torque limitation (overload protection). In the event of a malfunction, the drive train is mechanically interrupted within a very short time and destructive inertia forces and torque peaks are safely switched off. Backlash-free, precise torque transmission, infinitely adjustable disengagement torques and automatic re-engagement are characteristic of ENEMAC torque limiters. They can be used in all areas of mechanical and plant engineering, for both direct and indirect drives.
Group picture of shaft couplings

Shaft couplings

Compensating couplings for precise and backlash-free torque transmission from drive shaft to output shaft
ENEMAC shaft couplings are equalising couplings for the backlash-free, angularly accurate transmission of torques from 0.4 Nm to 65,000 Nm. Depending on the type, they can be used at speeds of up to 57,000 min-1 and operating temperatures of up to 350°C. ENEMAC's product portfolio is just as diverse as the possible applications for shaft couplings. It ranges from metal bellows couplings to elastomer couplings and disc couplings.
Group picture of distance couplings

Distance couplings

Compensating couplings for bridging large centre distances
ENEMAC distance couplings are shaft couplings for bridging large centre distances and compensating for shaft misalignment. Distances of up to 6 m can be bridged using variable-length intermediate tubes made of high-strength aluminium, which are adapted to customer requirements. ENEMAC spacer couplings can be used as backlash-free connecting, cardan or synchronising shafts at temperatures of up to 300 °C and cover a torque range of 10 Nm - 1,600 Nm.
Group picture of stainless steel couplings

Stainless steel couplings

Safety and shaft couplings made of stainless steel in hygienic design
ENEMAC stainless steel couplings comply with the strict hygiene regulations of the food and pharmaceutical industries and can also be used in the field of medical technology and in clean rooms. Stainless steels A2 and A4 are used in the manufacture of safety couplings, shaft couplings and spacer couplings in hygienic design, guaranteeing the highest quality for demanding applications.
Group picture clamping technology

Clamping technology

Force-enhanced clamping of tool and workpiece.
ENEMAC clamping technology guarantees safe and force-enhanced clamping of tools and workpieces with a nominal clamping force of up to 350 kN. With various force amplifier systems and hydromechanical spring clamping systems, ENEMAC clamping technology increases both operational safety and efficiency in your production and also shortens set-up and production times. ENEMAC clamping elements can be used as original equipment in machines or retrofitted.



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Our customers

Our products are as diverse as their applications. We would like to present a selection of our customers and thus give you an insight into the numerous possible applications:
As an internationally active manufacturer of filling and packaging systems for the beverage, food and non-food industries, KHS GmbH occupies a leading position in the sector. KHS develops and manufactures the entire portfolio of filling and packaging machines at five German sites and additional production facilities in Brazil, the USA, Mexico and India. In line with its corporate responsibility, KHS GmbH places particular emphasis on the development of sustainable solutions, environmentally friendly production and social aspects.
Customer image KHS
IWK Verpackungstechnik GmbH focuses on the efficient, precise and attractive packaging of goods from the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors. Good ideas combined with the company's pioneering spirit have given IWK a strong global presence. IWK currently holds a considerable number of patents for key technologies and invests significantly more in research and development each year than the industry average. This results in numerous innovations every year. IWK has 2 production sites in Europe and Asia and currently employs around 450 people, most of them at its headquarters in Stutensee, Baden-Württemberg.
Customer image IWK
KOLBUS offers the world's most comprehensive product range of bookbinding machines. It consists of over 30 machine types covering all areas of application for the production of bound products from the folded sheet onwards (including collating, perfect binding, separating and three-knife trimming, book cover production and finishing, book end production, feeding, stacking and transporting). Inline production systems for the production of magazines, catalogs, paperbacks and hardcover books are a KOLBUS specialty. Around the globe, KOLBUS production systems enable daily profits and new opportunities in the various product segments - accompanied by reliability and a consistent focus on quality.
Customer image Kolbus
NIKO Nahrungsmittel-Maschinen GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1976 and has since developed into a reliable specialist for machines and systems for the food and beverage industry. The design of the machines and systems is based on the current, valid machine guidelines and is oriented towards the principles and requirements of the food industry (IFS, HACCP, ISO and CE certification). Our systems are characterized by high production efficiency, easy cleaning and maintenance and low maintenance costs. NIKO realizes machines for the following industries: Canned food industry, delicatessen industry, beverage industry, confectionery industry and snack industry.
Customer imaeg Niko